Premium Lawn Care Discounts & Packages

  • Big savings for new client enrollments
  • Credit opportunities for new customer referrals
  • Exclusive discounts for repeat customers
  • Premium lawn care packages available all year round

At Doehling Landscape Services, we're pleased to offer premium lawn care discounts and packages designed to maximize your savings while maintaining your beautiful yard.

Whether you're interested in bundling services for additional savings or taking advantage of seasonal promotions, our goal is to make professional lawn care more accessible and affordable for our valued clients in Shakopee, MN, and surrounding areas.

Mention one of these ads below when speaking with our representatives to save this year!

lawn care savings

Be sure to take advantage of all of our various discounts and cost-saving opportunities for new and existing customers so you can take care of your lawn without breaking the bank!

Save 10%

Doehling Landscape Logo No Text Pre-Pay Discount

10% off all lawn treatments in paid in full prior to April 1st


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*up to 8,000 sq/ft 10% off all lawn treatments in paid in full prior to April 1st

Save up to $75/Year

Doehling Landscape Logo No Text Customer Referral

refer a neighbor and earn a credit for each new referral *up to 3/season

Take Advantage of Our Affordable Lawn Care Rates

Our goal at Doehling Landscape Services is to keep our clients and their lawns as our top priority. By doing so, we’ve been very fortunate to retain the majority of our clients year after year.

In an effort to keep our services competitively priced, we offer various discounts and cost savings opportunities to new and existing customers.

There are two different ways for you to save on your lawn treatments throughout the year. Whether you refer neighbors/friends or pre-pay for the entire season of lawn treatments, we are happy to adjust your service prices.

areas we serve

We offer all of our lawn care and landscaping services to all of the following areas:

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