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Pesky weeds putting a damper on your lawn’s look? Doehling Landscape Services is your go-to source for professional fertilizing, weed control, and lawn treatment services in Shakopee, MN, and surrounding areas! With over 20 years of experience in helping Minnesota homeowners ensure their lawns look and perform at their best, we know what it takes to help you maintain a happy, healthy yard!

Premium Lawn Fertilizer Package


Or $70/application* full summer season - *sales tax not included

This Package Includes
  • All 6 Applications – Full Year
  • Up to 10,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 10% Pre-Pay Discount

Enroll In Our Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Program

Finding the best ways to fertilize and protect your lawn from weeds can feel overwhelming in itself, but when you enroll in our lawn fertilizer treatment program, you can keep your yard healthy and weed-free by taking advantage of all of the following lawn care perks.

  • Specialized lawn care services for every season of the year.
  • Full lawn inspections and expert analysis on lawn treatment recommendations.
  • Utilize effective, eco-friendly chemical applicators for successful and safe weed control.
  • Save money with exclusive discounts when you enroll in our premium lawn care package.

Doehling Landscape Services is here to help you make smart choices for your lawn when it comes to making it thrive and flourish. By signing up for our Premium Lawn Treatment Program, we will provide you with all of the following lawn care applications to keep your lawn full and green all year long:

Spring Starter

Spring Starter application is formulated to get the nutrients and weed control products in place so your lawn enters the growing season with a head start on its competition; namely “weeds”. We use a granular fertilizer product that is impregnated with a “pre-emergent” control chemical to stop new weed seeds from growing.

The most often mention of these is crabgrass, but the pre-emergent herbicide will also stop many other potential weeds from sprouting up which is why this is such an important part of your lawn care program.

Spring Weed Control

The Spring Weed Control application is a liquid herbicide product that will eliminate weeds already present in the lawn. All of your lawn areas are treated with a blanket-sprayed technique ensuring nothing is missed.

Late Spring Developer

Late Spring Developer is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. As the temperatures increase around June, your lawn’s rate of growth will also increase. We use formulations of fertilizer with various mixtures of Controlled-Release Nitrogen (CRN) which allows for a timely disbursement of nutrients needed to get lush, green grass without increased growth rates often a result of excessive levels of nitrogen.

Summer Beautifier

A Summer Beautifier Application is great for lawns as they can become stressed in many ways from summer “heat waves”. This application keeps your lawn healthy and strong so that common, late summer lawn diseases do not occur.

Fall Weed Control

Fall Weed Control, this one also eliminates weeds that may have sprung up during summer. With cooler temperatures in late August and early September, this is a great time to eliminate any/all weeds that remain as fall approaches and ensure all efforts have been made prior to winter.


Your Winterizer Application is the second most important fertilizer application for your lawn. Formulated to build carbohydrates in the root system, this application helps improve winter survival and enables lawns to turn green earlier the following spring.

By enrolling in our lawn fertilizer treatment program, you can better understand the balanced formulations of nutrients, minerals, and elements that are essential for your yard to stay healthy and strong.

Be sure to check out our rates to see how you can save big on saving your lawn!

Weed Control Services That Get the Job Done

At Doehling Landscape Services, we have invested in commercial-grade application equipment combined with techniques that provide you with the best of both worlds when it comes to fertilizing your lawn and keeping weeds out of it.

Our chemical applicators have the right equipment to spread our premium, slow-release granular fertilizers while simultaneously spot-spraying for weeds during every lawn treatment visit.

Curious to learn more about our lawn care process? Visit our FAQ page to see exactly how we’re able to help keep residential and commercial properties healthy and weed-free all year long!

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