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Apple Valley lawns and landscapes typically have beautifully designed, well-manicured lawns with pristine common areas surrounding their properties. First impressions are important as they will form opinions of you by your neighbors, clients or tenants. Your lawn or landscape is often one of the first impressions you can control . However, keeping your lawn or landscape in perfect condition will require a lot of time and effort.

When working with a professional Apple Valley lawn care and landscape maintenance team such as Doehling Landscape Services, you are able to see results. Your property will be in immaculate condition without the hassle and time commitment attempting to take on the work yourself. Working with professionals lessens the burden on you and is essential to the health and longevity of your property’s outdoors by properly protecting your lawn and landscape investment.

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Doehling Landscape Services specializes in maintaining Apple Valley residential lawns, corporate centers, business parks, commercial spaces, and light industrial landscapes. As your professionals in Apple Valley lawn and landscape care, Doehling Landscape Services provides the extremely important care that is needed to keep your property beautiful. Our professional team is available to meet on-site, ensuring that your lawn or landscape concerns are properly addressed. During this on-site meeting, a lawn and landscape professional can schedule any procedures that may be needed for the property.

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A Lawn Treatment Program is essential to the growth, color, and overall health of your yard. This can be a complex and confusing step in providing the best care for your lawn. If you own a home, residential complex, or industrial property, you know that appearance matters. Your lawn is one of the first impressions given to a visitor, resident, or a client which could directly reflect their impression of you. Doehling Landscape Services understands this better than anyone. The professionals at Doehling have over 20 years of experience in developing lawn treatment programs for property owners and managers in the Southwest Metro area. We have found that our Premium Lawn Treatment Program is the most popular choice among our customers with very satisfying feedback.

A healthy lawn is critical not only curb appeal and first impressions, but to the environment as well. A healthy lawn provides a safe place for family gatherings or sporting events. A healthy lawn will also provide environmental benefits as well such as erosion control, pest control, and purification of water and oxygen. Research shows that a 50′ x 50′ area of healthy lawn will supply enough oxygen for a family of four. Do not waste your valuable time and energy on yard work! Let the professional staff at Doehling Landscape Services take care of the headache and hassle for you.

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Our lawn and landscape maintenance staff is aware of the investment you put into your property. Our Apple Valley lawn and landscape care service team can provide you with a beautiful lawn, maintained shrubs/perennial beds, and overall landscape care. By having trained professionals on-site, we run a carefully managed schedule assuring you the best possible results. Our lawn and landscape professionals take personal pride in their work and treat these properties as if they were their own.

Matt Doehling, Owner of Doehling Landscape Services has been providing lawn treatment service programs for homes, businesses, and homeowner associations for over 20 years. Matt and his experienced team have developed specific programs formulated to deliver the highest quality services and results. These proven programs will provide you with a lush, full and green yard that’s second to none!

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