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Lawn & Landscape Services

The items listed below are some of the most common lawn & landscape services we provide. We will review any project that you have and prepare a detailed professional estimate. Once work begins, your input will be essential to ensure the finished project is completed to your specifications. Please, if you have any questions feel free to contact one of our professional lawn care staff members and we will get back to you at our earliest possible convenience.

Lawn Treatment & Fertilization

Fertilizer and weed control treatments are two of the most important aspects of maintaining a lush and beautiful lawn. All fertilizer formulations contain varying amounts of “controlled or slow-release” nitrogen in a granular formed product. Weed control is obtained by applying a sprayable liquid herbicide. This combination delivers proven results that are second to none. Years of experience have led us to the development of our customized lawn treatment programs. These packages will provide you with a level of service that is necessary to achieve the best results for your property.

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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Spring:  Usually begins in mid to late April once weather conditions allow crews to safely work on lawns without causing damage. This service includes power raking or dethatching which loosens and removes some of the old, dead grass from turf areas. We also collect and remove this grass along with other debris from your property that may have shown up over winter. As a result, the grass is then able to dry out and turn green faster.

Fall:  Typically completed between mid-October and early November. This service includes blowing out all accessible areas of leaves, collection of leaves and/or debris and removal from the property. Areas with large or numerous amounts of trees may need more than one cleanup to maintain appearance.

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Fall Core Aeration

Increased root development, overall improvement of plant health, reduction in soil problems, increased water retention, and lower water bills are all reasons to have your lawn aerated. Aeration is usually completed in the fall to help reduce soil compaction and stimulate further grass root growth.

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Commercial Lawn Mowing

State-of-the-art equipment yields an exceptionally high-quality cut with a clean, professional appearance. Most of our commercial and larger residential accounts are typically mowed weekly. However, during periods of unusually high growth, turf areas will need to be cut more frequently to keep a professional, well kept appearance. Our lawn crew will blow out grass clippings from shrub, sidewalks and parking lot areas. Line/string trimming will be done with each mowing visit leaving a clean, finished, and manicured property. Excessive amounts of grass clippings can be removed at your request but we recommend having these dispersed on the ground to stimulate a healthier lawn.

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Lawn Mowing


Over the years we have worked on a wide range of landscape construction projects and are happy to provide an estimate for your project. While not being a core part of our business, we still bid on and complete many projects each year. If your project isn’t a good fit for our crews, there are several preferred landscape contractors we’ve worked with the past and present we’d be happy to refer you to.

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Fall Irrigation Blowouts – Commercial Accounts Only

Doehling Landscape Services can provide you basic irrigation blowouts for your fall winterization. While we do not specialize in irrigation systems, we have many years of experience maintaining our commercial client’s systems which has given us the same expertise in basic annual maintenance that any other irrigation contractor would provide you.

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Commercial Snow & Ice Management

The winter season can sneak up fast in Minnesota and change conditions at the blink of an eye. With many years of experience servicing commercial properties, we at Doehling Landscape Services will provide you with our professional, timely snow removal services and ice melt applications for your parking lot and walkways. We serve a wide variety of clients in the Shakopee, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Savage and Prior Lake areas. We specialize in working with commercial properties and business complexes.

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