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Fall Lawn Aeration Services

Compacted soil is a common problem in the late summer and early fall. In fact, foot traffic from everyday use of your lawn areas is one of the main causes for this. Lawn aeration of the soil allows moisture and nutrients to reach the root zone which is critical to maintain a healthy lawn.

A secondary benefit of core aeration is the stimulation of new and deeper shoot growth in the root zone. A deeper root zone will save you money by reducing water consumption during the summer. We use a custom calibrated, commercial-grade machine that allows us to aerate cores deep or shallow, depending on soil conditions for each property. A typical walk-behind aerator can cause damage to the turf, especially when turning. Our commercial-grade equipment allows us to more accurately take cores and cause less stress to the turf area.

Fall Core Aeration
Starting at $100

when pre-paid and bundled with lawn treatment package

Aeration of Your Lawn Every Year

We recommend aerating be done once a year for a lawn to reach is greatest potential. Aerating is an easy and cost-effective way to help keep your lawn looking great. We also offer a discount if you bundle our aeration service with a lawn treatment program. The professionals at Doehling Landscape Services have acquired the knowledge and skill set necessary to improve and maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn with our lawn aeration services. Give us a call or submit an online inquiry today with any additional questions you may have.

Lawn & Landscape Services
Lawn Treatments

Fertilizer and weed control treatments are two of the most important aspects of maintaining a lush and beautiful lawn.

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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Get a jump start on your yard work with our cleanup services. We do both spring and fall cleanups.

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Fall Lawn Aeration

Increased root development, improvement of overall plant health, reduction in soil problems, increased water retention, and lower water bills are all reasons to have your lawn aerated.

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Commercial Lawn Mowing

State-of-the-art equipment yields an exceptionally high-quality cut with a clean, professional appearance.

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Doehling Landscape is a full-service landscape contractor offering many of the same services commonly associated with larger landscape companies.

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Fall Irrigation Blowouts

Doehling Landscape Services can provide you basic irrigation service for fall blowouts and winterization.

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Snow & Ice Management

With many years of experience, Doehling Landscape Services delivers professional, timely snow removal services and ice melt applications for your parking lot and walkways.

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Andy S. – Shakopee

“I had used other lawn service companies for years, but the results were never what I wanted. I would still continue to have weeds pop up and when I called to complain I got delayed responses and empty promises. Last year I switched to Doehling Landscape Services in Shakopee because they were serving others in my neighborhood and the results were amazing! My lawn has never looked better and is greener than ever! Matt is responsive and stands behind his products and service which I really appreciate. Give them a try…you won’t be disappointed!”

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