Lawn Fertilizer Treatment

Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Program

Some homeowners decide at one point in their lives that they can and will handle fertilizer and weed control applications themselves. More often than not, we hear the exact same feedback from every one of these individuals when they call us for help. The wide variety and types of lawn fertilizer treatments available can be overwhelming in itself, but trying to accurately calibrate a cheap store-bought spreader to get the proper amount of fertilizer on your lawn with each application poses another challenge. In most cases, the end result isn’t even close to what they had envisioned. Doehling Landscape Services can help you make smart choices for your lawn so it can flourish.

It’s important to know that fertilizers are not just plant food. They are balanced formulations of nutrients, minerals, and elements that are essential for plants to become healthy and strong. Proper timing and application techniques of these formulations are critical for strong, healthy lawns.

Proper Application Timing and Selection

The time of year, product selection, and proper application of fertilizers are detrimental factors that impact such desired results. In order to answer these questions, it is important to be aware of and fully understand all the factors that can affect the health of your lawn and landscape. Over many years of trial and error, we have successfully identified the proper solutions that address all of these factors to deliver optimal results. The professional applicators at Doehling Landscape Services will use our many years of experience to assess your property and recommend the best plan for the care of your lawn and landscape.

A family home is often one of life’s greatest investments. Our licensed and trained professionals help you protect and enhance this investment by keeping your landscape features beautiful and healthy. We are confident you’ll be thrilled with the results of our successfully proven lawn fertilizer treatment program.

  • Premium Package
  • $ 378 full summer season (sales tax not included)
    • Our Standard Annual Package
    • All 6 Applications – Full Year
    • Up to 10,000 sq. ft.
    • Price with 10% pre-pay discount

Our Lawn Treatment Program

Designed for optimal results. With over a decade of research and field testing, this package delivers the results one would expect from a premium lawn care provider. The Premium Lawn Treatment Program will keep your lawn full and green with ongoing effort to minimize and eliminate unwanted weed growth. This program has proven to provide successful results year after year.

For the best results on properties with high compaction and foot traffic, this package will often get paired with our core aeration service that is provided in late summer/early fall. Our premium package also includes a full inspection of your lawn with each visit to help inform you of any issues you may not notice on your property.

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Spring Starter

Spring Starter application is formulated to get the nutrients and weed control products in place so your lawn enters the growing season with a head start on its competition; namely “weeds”. We use a granular fertilizer product that is impregnated with a “pre-emergent” control chemical to stop new weed seeds from growing.

The most often mention of these is crabgrass, but the pre-emergent herbicide will also stop many other potential weeds from sprouting up which is why this is such an important part of your lawn care program.

Spring Weed Control

The Spring Weed Control application is a liquid herbicide product that will eliminate weeds already present in the lawn. All of your lawn areas are treated with a blanket-sprayed technique ensuring nothing is missed.

Late Spring Developer

Late Spring Developer is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. As the temperatures increase around June, your lawn’s rate of growth will also increase. We use formulations of fertilizer with various mixtures of Controlled-Release Nitrogen (CRN) which allows for a timely disbursement of nutrients needed to get lush, green grass without increased growth rates often a result of excessive levels of nitrogen.

Summer Beautifier

A Summer Beautifier Application is great for lawns as they can become stressed in many ways from summer “heat waves”. This application keeps your lawn healthy and strong so that common, late summer lawn diseases do not occur.

Fall Weed Control

Fall Weed Control, this one also eliminates weeds that may have sprung up during summer. With cooler temperatures in late August and early September, this is a great time to eliminate any/all weeds that remain as fall approaches and ensure all efforts have been made prior to winter.


Your Winterizer Application is the second most important fertilizer application for your lawn. Formulated to build carbohydrates in the root system, this application helps improve winter survival and enables lawns to turn green earlier the following spring.

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Weed Control

Fertilizer can be applied to your lawn in one of two ways; either as a granular pearl or as part of a sprayed liquid formulation. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of a liquid formulation is that you are able to mix in herbicides for weed control, but you cannot get the slow-release nitrogen that is so important to have.

Effective weed control, however, can only be achieved through a liquid spray.  At Doehling Landscape Services we have invested in commercial-grade application equipment combined with techniques that provide us the best of both worlds. Our chemical applicators have both a liquid spray tank and granular hopper on the machine. This allows us to spread our premium, slow-release granular fertilizers while simultaneously spot spraying for weeds during every lawn treatment visit. Below are two of the most common weeds we come in contact with throughout our Southwest Minneapolis region.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Dandelions, clover, creeping charlie and several others are all in the same category of “broadleaf” weeds. These are some of the most common to turf areas in Minnesota. We use a liquid spray herbicide that targets broadleaf plants in turf grass to control these weeds. Proper timing of this treatment can give you season-long control in just one application. As part of a package program, we will spot-treat any additional weeds each time we return to your property for your lawn fertilizer treatments.


Summer Crabgrass Treatment

Our professional lawn care staff is proud to offer one of the most effective “Pre and Post-emergence” crabgrass control programs to homeowners. Typically, crabgrass is only controllable in the spring with a pre-emergent product. This means you can only stop it from coming out of the ground. Our first application in the spring includes the pre-emergant granuals that will keep the crabgrass from growing for approximately 4 months. Furthermore, in conjunction with our product distributors, we have developed a treatment that will eliminate crabgrass even after it is established in your turf areas. This generally takes only one application in mid to late summer, but severe infestation may require several treatments to eradicate all crabgrass.


Current Untreatable Plants

With all of the products available to us today, some plants and weeds still have no “turf-safe” treatments. These are typically unwanted grasses that may grow in the lawn area. You may see these grasses during mid-summer as the lawn starts to grow slower while other plants start growing better. Other commonly seen issues are undesired grasses such as rye, quack or barnyard types that sprout up in lawn areas and patches of different turf that may begin to over take the lawn. There is no magical cure or chemical that will remove these grasses from your lawn without damaging desirable lawn areas. We do offer services that can aid in the removal of these grasses, however, the procedures are not guaranteed or cost-effective.

Untreatable Plants
What Our Clients Say

Scott L. – Shakopee

“We moved into our house 6 years ago and the yard was nothing but weeds and bare dirt. The second year of living there, Doehling came out and started their magic. Five years down the road, we consistently have the greenest, weed-free lawn in the neighborhood. Some of our neighbors have started to use Doehling in their yards and are very pleased with the results, as am I.”

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