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Many things can affect the quality and health of your lawn areas, but one of the most commonly overlooked is proper maintenance of mowing equipment; specifically mower blades. When mower blades are not properly sharpened, the grass blade is torn instead of being clipped off. This causes stress and damage to the grass plant which can lead to lawn diseases and/or undesirable colors caused by poor health.

Equipment maintenance is key to success

Lawn equipment manufacturers recommend mower blades be sharpened after every eight (8) hours of use. At Doehling Landscape Services, we designate time during our weekly mowing schedule for general maintenance and blade sharpening twice a week. In addition to blade sharpening, we grease and inspect each piece of equipment in its entirety. This helps prevent the possibility of any fluid leakage that could harm the turf as we are mowing. We use commercial-grade equipment that leaves perfectly cut lines and lawn stripes to give your property the “golf course look” that everyone loves.

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Lawn Mowing Includes

Our commercial mowing services also include edge trimming at each visit. A healthy lawn can look terrible if the edges of driveway lines, sidewalks, trees or other obstacles on the property are not trimmed as well. The manicuring touches of a quality lawn mowing are what will distinguish your property from a neighbor’s. Trimming the tall grass areas that a lawn mower may not be able to reach will also enhance the visual aesthetics of your lawn. Our goal is to leave your lawn looking as neat and clean as possible, each and every time we service it.

A regular mowing schedule will also help to keep weeds and other unwanted plants from taking over your property. Maintaining a healthy lawn will create a natural weed barrier over time.

Lawn & Landscape Services
Lawn Treatments

Fertilizer and weed control treatments are two of the most important aspects of maintaining a lush and beautiful lawn.

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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Get a jump start on your yard work with our cleanup services. We do both spring and fall cleanups.

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Fall Lawn Aeration

Increased root development, improvement of overall plant health, reduction in soil problems, increased water retention, and lower water bills are all reasons to have your lawn aerated.

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Commercial Lawn Mowing

State-of-the-art equipment yields an exceptionally high-quality cut with a clean, professional appearance.

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Doehling Landscape is a full-service landscape contractor offering many of the same services commonly associated with larger landscape companies.

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Fall Irrigation Blowouts

Doehling Landscape Services can provide you basic irrigation service for fall blowouts and winterization.

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Snow & Ice Management

With many years of experience, Doehling Landscape Services delivers professional, timely snow removal services and ice melt applications for your parking lot and walkways.

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Commercial Lawn Mowing

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Commercial Lawn Mowing

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